Victor Cadene

Diptyque Bazaar

Artworks for


Bazaar Collection

Invitation and Press Release

Exhibition of 12 exclusive artworks


Salone Del Mobile

Milan, April 2019


Drawings & Patterns


Collaboration with Ressource Paintings



Scenography and color Research


Colors & Decoration

Elle Decoration


October 2018

Making of

Shang Xia

Shang Xia • Hermès



Paris Flagship

Concept & Scenography

DP_Fiches_EN_ok-3 Diptyque Bazaar
DP_Fiches_EN_ok-1 Diptyque Bazaar
DP_Fiches_EN_ok-2 Diptyque Bazaar
DP_Fiches_EN_ok-7 Diptyque Bazaar
DP_Fiches_EN_ok-6 Diptyque Bazaar
DP_Fiches_EN_ok-4 Diptyque Bazaar
Invitation Bazar Diptyque Diptyque Bazaar
motif_VC_9 Drawings
motif_VC_7 Drawings
motif_VC_3 Drawings
motiv_VC_12 Drawings
Motif_VC_4 Drawings
motif_VC_11 Drawings
Motif_VC_10 Drawings
drawing_VC_1 Drawings & Patterns
drawing_VC_3 Drawings & Patterns
drawing_VC_2 Drawings & Patterns
carte_a4.indd Drawings & Patterns
ressource1 Ressource
ressource2 Ressource
VC-Ressource04 Ressource
VC-Ressource06 Ressource
deco_VC_3 Colors & Decoration
deco_VC_4 Colors & Decoration
deco_VC_2 Colors & Decoration
ElleDeco_VICTOR CADENE PDF-C-21 Elle Decoration
ElleDeco_VICTOR CADENE PDF-C-22 Elle Decoration
ElleDeco_VICTOR CADENE PDF-C-23 Elle Decoration
MarieClaire 1 4 - copie 2 Making of
making_VC_2 Making of
making_VC_3 Making of
making_VC_4 Making of
GOOD ONE .jpg Making of
making_VC_5 Making of
making_VC_6 Making of
shangxia_VC_2 Shang Xia
shangxia_VC_3 Shang Xia
Vitrine 4 Shang Xia
Vitrine 3 Shang Xia
Vitrine 2 Shang Xia
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