Victor Cadene

French Cliché & Thevenon

Victor Cadène reinterprets the

«Toile de Jouy»



French Cliché by Emily Marant

And Maison Thevenon




Photo: Mathieu Richer


Parisian hand-fans since 1827


Fall Winter collection 2020

Ateliers Pinton



Rugs in limited edition and variable design


Opening :

Pinton x Paris Design Week

September 9th, 2020


Film by Louise Ernandez


Greeting Cards 2020

Greeting Cards 2020


Artcurial Paris, Auctions House


Houlès Paris, Decoration

Diptyque Bazaar


Bazar Collection

Windows installation

PopUp Store

16 rue St Roch, Paris

Invitation and Press Release

Exhibition of 12 exclusive artworks

September 2019


Drawings & Patterns

Lit National

Press and Communication 


Paris, 2019


Collaboration with Ressource Paintings



Scenography and color Research


Corriere della sera • Living mag




October 2020

Elle Decoration


October 2018

Making of

Shang Xia

Shang Xia • Hermès



Paris Flagship

Concept & Scenography

gif-newsletter-vitor-1 (glissées) French Cliché & Thevenon
VC_french_Insta A1 French Cliché & Thevenon
gif-newsletter-vitor-8 (glissées) French Cliché & Thevenon
VC_french_Insta C1 low French Cliché & Thevenon
gif-newsletter-vitor-10 (glissées) French Cliché & Thevenon
VC_french_Insta C2 French Cliché & Thevenon
VC_french_Insta A3 French Cliché & Thevenon
VC_french_Insta A2 French Cliché & Thevenon
VC duvelleroy 3 Duvelleroy
VC duvelleroy 2 Duvelleroy
VC duvelleroy 1 Duvelleroy
VC duvelleroy 3A Duvelleroy
AD 9_20 VC_low Ateliers Pinton
opulencevariable_low Ateliers Pinton
opulence_Low Ateliers Pinton
2020-03-PintonReportage-01 web Ateliers Pinton
2020-03-PintonReportage-08 web Ateliers Pinton
2020-03-PintonReportage-06 web Ateliers Pinton
2019-12-PintonReportage-01 copie Ateliers Pinton
2019-12-PintonReportage-03 copie Ateliers Pinton
Artcurial VC Greeting Cards 2020
2019-HOULES-VICTORCADENE Greeting Cards 2020
LE BAZAR DE DIPTYQUE_tk web Diptyque Bazaar
VictorCadene-Diptyque02_tkweb  Diptyque Bazaar
VictorCadene-Diptyque03_tk web Diptyque Bazaar
BAZAR DE DIPTYQUE_VC artworks Diptyque Bazaar
Invitation Bazar Diptyque Diptyque Bazaar
motif_VC_9 Drawings
motif_VC_7 Drawings
motif_VC_3 Drawings
motiv_VC_12 Drawings
Motif_VC_4 Drawings
motif_VC_11 Drawings
Motif_VC_10 Drawings
drawing_VC_1 Drawings & Patterns
drawing_VC_3 Drawings & Patterns
drawing_VC_2 Drawings & Patterns
carte_a4.indd Drawings & Patterns
2019-03-Lit National_low Lit National
IDHS16_ARCHI_20190606.pdf Lit National
ressource1 Ressource
ressource2 Ressource
VC-Ressource04 Ressource
VC-Ressource06 Ressource
10_COVER Corriere della sera • Living mag
Corriere_LIVING_Victor Cadene_1 Corriere della sera • Living mag
Corriere_LIVING_Victor Cadene_2 Corriere della sera • Living mag
Corriere_LIVING_Victor Cadene_3 Corriere della sera • Living mag
Corriere_LIVING_Victor Cadene_4 Corriere della sera • Living mag
ElleDeco_VICTOR CADENE PDF-C-21 Elle Decoration
ElleDeco_VICTOR CADENE PDF-C-22 Elle Decoration
ElleDeco_VICTOR CADENE PDF-C-23 Elle Decoration
MarieClaire 1 4 - copie 2 Making of
making_VC_2 Making of
making_VC_3 Making of
making_VC_4 Making of
GOOD ONE .jpg Making of
making_VC_5 Making of
shangxia_VC_2 Shang Xia
shangxia_VC_3 Shang Xia
Vitrine 4 Shang Xia
Vitrine 3 Shang Xia
Vitrine 2 Shang Xia
Artists Representatives