New products & Developments

Studio Researches

From industrial leather waste:




3D printing


Photos : Mathieu Barani


New Flagship on 

New Bond Street, London

Window installation

Ornamental mouldings in biomaterials

of shells, gilded with leaf

CCCOD • Tours

«La partition d’un instant»

Exhibition that combines Hors-Studio researches as:

creation of materials • decorative tradition • digital programming language


Photos: Mathieu Barani
Artifacts photos: Ella Perdereau


Artifact collection


Research around the valorisation of shellfish farming waste

Biodegradable materials &

Ornamental shell casts


Photo & Set design by Ella Perdereau

Air Matter

Salon Révélation & Joseph Gallery, 2019


Clouds of micro-particles made

from the production scraps of

Stark“s plastic stool.

7ème Continent

Galeries Lafayette, Paris

Windows installation

Made of crushed plastic, Hors-Studio invests the territory of the revalorization of our waste


In collaboration with 




3D printing in biomaterials of shells


New Workshop

Tours (France)



Photos : Mathieu Barani

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 Matthieu Barani_19A6657 Low. New products & Developments
 Matthieu Barani_19A6664 Low. New products & Developments
 Matthieu Barani_19A6673 Low. New products & Developments
 Matthieu Barani_19A6009 Low. New products & Developments
Facade chaumet_low Chaumet
Chaumet_HS_3_insta2A Chaumet
Chaumet_HS_6_low Chaumet
Chaumet_HS_4_low Chaumet
Chaumet matiere Chaumet
Chaumet HS_9_insta1_low Chaumet
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ELLA_HORSSTUDIO318212 Semiophore
Copie de ELLA_HORSSTUDIO318187 Semiophore
ELLA_HORSSTUDIO318256 Semiophore
ELLA_HORSSTUDIO318261 Semiophore
ELLA_HORSSTUDIO318244 Semiophore
ELLA_HORSSTUDIO318242 Semiophore
IMG_9442 Joyce Gallery
IMG_9439 Joyce Gallery
IMG_9437 Joyce Gallery
PRECIOUSKITCHEN_V524382 Joyce Gallery
Saint-jacques-shell-textile-effect Joyce Gallery
ELLA_HORSSTUDIO318245 Joyce Gallery
ELLA_HORSSTUDIO318246 Joyce Gallery
IMG_5292 Joyce Gallery
IMG_5273 Joyce Gallery
Copie de PRECIOUSKITCHEN_V524364 Joyce Gallery
IMG_2612 2 Air Matter
pétales-bleues Air Matter
air-matter-2-3 cropped Air Matter
7-continent_low 7ème Continent
7-continent2_Low 7ème Continent
IMG_1726 2-retouche tk web Stereome
IMG_1760-2._retouche tk web Stereome
IMG_1773-retouche tk web Stereome
 Matthieu Barani_19A5960Low. Workshop
 Matthieu Barani_19A5968Low. Workshop
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