Moet & Chandon

«Memories of Tomorrow»

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«Perle Impériale»


Limited Edition 2024

Signed and numbered by Baqué Molinié 

Inspired by the Alhambra Dome

Mother-of-pearl & glass beads

chains of faceted gold beads

moonstone cabochons and white sequins

Visuals by Lonsdale

Friedmann Versace

Paris Design Week 2023

Concept & Scenography for

Friedmann Versace


Mother-of-Pearl marquetry

Gold leaf molded leather

Glass beads, Murano Pearls

Ph: Maxime Huriez


Paris Fashion Show

Haute-Couture SS23



Molded Leather

Gold Leaves


Mother of Pearl Marquetry


Vintage Stones


Paris Fashion Show

Haute-Couture SS23


Molded lace Embroidered in volume




13 rue de la Paix

Historical Flagship, Paris 


Hand Painted Leather Marquetry

Diptyque, 120x90


Interior design by:


Photo: Pierre Olivier Deschamps


Schiaparelli SS22

Haute Couture SS 22


Embroidery Artworks

Molded Leather, Gold leaf  materials


Fashion show view by

Julien Da Costa

Atelier by Maxime Piel Colin

Fendi SS22

Haute Couture SS22


Embroidery Artwork


Molded leather & Silk embroidered


Atelier views by Maxime Huriez


Haute Couture fall 22


Molded Leather Corset

Schiaparelli show Fall 22

Haute Couture Fall 22



Hand Molded, Painted and embroidered leather

crepe paper & glass petals

Schiaparelli Atelier

Atelier Views


Lotus, Cosmos, Elderflowers, Hydrangeas, Tulips, Buttercups, Sunflowers


Hand Molded, Painted and Embroidered Leather

crepe paper, glass petals


Photos by Maxime Huriez

Schiaparelli Fall 21

«Anatomical Flowers»



Jacquemus SS 21

Textile & Embroidery Design


Wood & beads embroidery

Perfum Bottles

Embroidered Perfum bottles


Personnal Artwork


Photo by Maxime Huriez


Embroidered Perfum bottles


Personnal Artwork


Photo by Maxime Huriez

set design by Ines Dal Soglio

Guerlain Rouge G

Prestige Rouge G 


Limited Edition


Bees Embroidery


Embroidery & Ornament

Embroidery Landscapes

Beading on silk jacquard for Céline


Embroidery, silk ribbon, pearls and sequins

Inspired by Gustave Klimt



Photo by Maxime Huriez

Flowers Jenna Kaes

Collaboration with

Designer Jenna Kaes


Plants, embroideries

& colorless resin


Photo by Maxime Huriez

Samples & References



Artistic Collaborations


With Painter Jenne Pineau

Detail - embroidered landscape

With Anaïs Jarnoux x La fabrique Nomade

Mirrors sequins & beads


Photo Maxime Huriez

Set design Ines dal Soglio


_44A5182_Low Guerlain
BEBO24-511_Low Guerlain
BEBO24-512_Low Guerlain
_44A5770_Low_Cropped Guerlain
BEBO24-510_Low Guerlain
BM_FV_7bis Friedmann Versace
BM_FV_6bis Friedmann Versace
BM_FV_4bis Friedmann Versace
BM_FV_2bis Friedmann Versace
BM_FV_3bis Friedmann Versace
BM_FV_5bis Friedmann Versace
BM_FV_Tabaste_0461_Low Friedmann Versace
BM_FV_10_low Friedmann Versace
BM_FV_12_low Friedmann Versace
BM_FV_8_low Friedmann Versace
BM_FV_13_low Friedmann Versace
BM_FV_9_low Friedmann Versace
Schiaparelli Stones_1 Schiaparelli
Schiaparelli Stones_3 Schiaparelli
Schiaparelli Stones_2 Schiaparelli
Schiaparelli_Nacre_1 Schiaparelli
Schiaparelli_Nacre_2 Schiaparelli
Schiaparelli_Nacre_3 Schiaparelli
IMG_8495 copie Valentino
Valentino Canvas2_Low Valentino
Valentino pl Valentino
Valentino details Valentino
Cartier work_1 Cartier
Cartier work_2 Cartier
Atelier Baque et Molinié SHF_MQ 045 B cartier 2022 Cartier
Oiseaux Cartier Cartier
Papillon Cartier Cartier
Cartier final_1 Cartier
Cartier final_2 Cartier
Schiapparelli SS22open_low Schiaparelli SS22
2_2ED2F5A5-760D-40A3-AF03-C3E29248F014 copie Schiaparelli SS22
5_GettyImages-1366650912 copie Schiaparelli SS22
8_00013-Schiaparelli-Couture-Spring-22-credit-Gorunway copie Schiaparelli SS22
info@imaxtree.com Schiaparelli SS22
14_Baqué Molinié-07.01.2022©Maxime Huriez-42759-PRINT copie Schiaparelli SS22
16_Baqué Molinié-07.01.2022©Maxime Huriez-42816-PRINT copie Schiaparelli SS22
15_Baqué Molinié-07.01.2022©Maxime Huriez-42789-PRINT copie Schiaparelli SS22
19_fio0473-10632848 copie Fendi SS22
21_Baqué Molinié-07.01.2022©Maxime Huriez-42628-PRINT copie Fendi SS22
22_Baqué Molinié-07.01.2022©Maxime Huriez-42631-PRINT copie Fendi SS22
20_Baqué Molinié-07.01.2022©Maxime Huriez-42550-PRINT copie Fendi SS22
info@imaxtree.com Fendi SS22
30_Baqué Molinié-07.01.2022©Maxime Huriez-42696-PRINT copie Fendi SS22
45_Baqué Molinié-07.01.2022©Maxime Huriez-42512-PRINT copie Fendi SS22
46_Baqué Molinié-07.01.2022©Maxime Huriez-42503-PRINT copie Fendi SS22
31_09567BFE-412E-49DC-B168-0A88A5D773EA copie Fendi SS22
BM fendi atelier©Maxime huriez Fendi
Schiapparelli fall22_1 Schiaparelli show Fall 22
Schiapparelli fall22_2 Schiaparelli show Fall 22
info@imaxtree.com Schiaparelli show Fall 22
BM atelier fleur orange©Maxime huriez Schiaparelli Atelier
BM fleur rouge©Maxime huriez Schiaparelli Atelier
BM fleur orange bleu©Maxime huriez Schiaparelli Atelier
BM atelier group fleur ©Maxime huriez Schiaparelli Atelier
BM hortensia©Maxime huriez Schiaparelli Atelier
BM tournesol fleurs©Maxime huriez Schiaparelli Atelier
BM tournesol rouge©Maxime huriez Schiaparelli Atelier
23_00004-Schiaparelli-Couture-Fall-21-credit-Daniel-Roseberry-brand copie Schiaparelli Fall 21
25_00008-Schiaparelli-Details-Couture-Fall-21-credit-Daniel-Roseberry-brand Schiaparelli Fall 21
24_00007-Schiaparelli-Details-Couture-Fall-21-credit-Daniel-Roseberry-brand Schiaparelli Fall 21
28_IMG_1312 copie 2 Jacquemus SS 21
27_028D473A-6022-4FAC-A577-2F7031AF7E05 copie Jacquemus SS 21
26_8CF3CA1C-B45B-4393-923F-D6EADD4C2E78 2 copie Jacquemus SS 21
36_BAB9307D-A9BC-4B65-AB24-AE79F8456044 copie Perfum Bottles
34_77DAFC69-40C0-41AD-AB87-E0146843F87B copie Perfum Bottles
35_2849870D-57A6-41AC-9DC8-4D8DEF4206CB copie Perfum Bottles
57_Baqué Molinié©Maxime Huriez_T6A5199 copie Flacons
59_Baqué Molinié©Maxime Huriez_T6A5237 copie Flacons
58_Baqué Molinié©Maxime Huriez_T6A5209 copie Flacons
40_GB6A2815-V4copie copie Guerlain Rouge G
41_GB6A3129-V4_NEW copie Guerlain Rouge G
41bis_GB6A3305 copie Guerlain Rouge G
50_Baqué Molinié©Maxime Huriez_16A5193-PRINT copie 2 Embroidery & Ornament
51_Baqué Molinié©Maxime Huriez_16A5235-WEB copie Embroidery & Ornament
68_Baqué Molinié©Maxime Huriez-48262 copie Embroidery & Ornament
67_Baqué Molinié©Maxime Huriez-48250 copie Embroidery & Ornament
53_Baqué Molinié©Maxime Huriez_T6A5084 copie Flowers Jenna Kaes
54_Baqué Molinié©Maxime Huriez_T6A5086 copie Flowers Jenna Kaes
52_Baqué Molinié©Maxime Huriez_T6A5078 copie Flowers Jenna Kaes
65_Baqué Molinié©Maxime Huriez-14232 copie Samples & References
63_Baqué Molinié©Maxime Huriez-14186-B copie Samples & References
62_Baqué Molinié©Maxime Huriez-14129 copie Samples & References
66_Baqué Molinié©Maxime Huriez-14262 copie Samples & References
64_shooting-baque_molinie-311 2 copie Samples & References
61_shooting-baque_molinie-108 copie Samples & References
71_shooting-baque_molinie-087 copie Miscellaneous
73_baque_molinie-078 copie Miscellaneous
72_shooting-baque_molinie-113 copie Miscellaneous
56_Baqué Molinié©Maxime Huriez_T6A5176 copie Miscellaneous
56bis_Baqué Molinié©Maxime Huriez_T6A5159 copie Miscellaneous
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