Alix Waline




Ink, pen, pencil & 

salt crystals


Arches Paper



Ceiling 2022

Artwork for 




Residential project

Photo : Vincent Bourdon

Renaissance Hotel Bordeaux

In Situ Artwork


Artworks acquisition for

Hotel Renaissance, Bordeaux


Sound design by pierrearnaudalunni.com


Photo: Johann Bernard


« Dunes »


Murals • In situ


Permanent inks on walls 

New entrance • Carré Suffren, Paris

Covivio Real Estate


Photo: Lybellule

Paradis Perdu

Art works and Making Of


Alix Waline 


Sabatina leccia


Artworks acquisition for 

Soho Myriad Agency and

Chicago High Rise project • Hotel 


Photos : Celine Dominiak


Windows installation

Worldwide SS 2020

DDessin Artfair

« Nucléus »

embroidered drawings:

Alix Waline x Sabatina Leccia


Ink, tracing and embroidery on Arches paper

The Fibery Gallery for


DDessin Artfair

Paris September 2020 

Mandarin Oriental Hotel


«L“appartement Parisien»

Madarin Oriental Paris


Gilles & Boissier 


Plendi by Vinci

Ateliers Pinton

• RUGS •

Artwork for

Les Ateliers Pinton


Limited edition



Kinugawa Vendôme

Mural for the Kinugawa Restaurant

Rue du Mont Thabor • Paris


Gilles & Boissier

Interior Design


World Interiors Award 2014

(cat. restaurant)


Photo : Matthieu Salvaing

Diptyque Paris & Seoul

«Paysage Olfactif»


332 rue St Honoré • Paris


Rug for the Seoul Flagship

Limited edition by Pinton

Moncler • Korea

Seoul Flagship




Kinugawa Matignon

Kinugawa Restaurant

Rue Jean Mermoz • Paris

Mural and Rug


Gilles & Boissier

Interior Design

Photo : Claire Israel

The Chess Hotel

Mural for The Chess Hotel

Rue du Helder • Paris


Gilles & Boissier

Interior Design



Photo : Paul Bowyer

Running Up That Hill


Residential • Paris


Brisac / Gonzales

Interior Design




Photo : Isabelle Rimbert




Artist Residence

Compeung Village of Creativity

Chiang Mai • Thailand


Artwork for Descamps catalog



Residential • Paris





Residential • Stuttgart


Hotel de Paris • Monaco

Original Artworks

Ink on Paper


Original Artworks

Ink on canvas



Park Hyatt Paris

Gilles & Boissier

Lampshade «Goliath»

Gilles & Boissier Privé

Pouenat editor



embroidered by Sabatina Leccia


Collab. Impression Parisienne • Atelier Martial




Alix Waline • Press

Last publications


AD middle east

Elle Deco

Air France Madame

Casa Vogue • Bresil

L“Express Style


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Alix Ceiling_Low_6527_TK Ceiling 2022
Alix Ceiling_Low_6541_OK Ceiling 2022
Alix Ceiling_Low_6551_TK Ceiling 2022
Alix Waline_YJ4A7459 Renaissance Hotel Bordeaux
RH_BODBR_Reception_1_low Renaissance Hotel Bordeaux
Alix Waline_YJ4A7534 Renaissance Hotel Bordeaux
Alix Waline_YJ4A7415 Renaissance Hotel Bordeaux
Covivio_suffren_6B cropped_insta3 Covivio
Covivio_suffren_4_insta1A Covivio
Covivio_suffren_5 cropped_Insta1 Covivio
Covivio_suffren_2_AW_insta3A Covivio
les paradis perdus I Paradis Perdu
les paradis perdus detail I Paradis Perdu
les paradis perdus detail II Paradis Perdu
les paradis perdus II Paradis Perdu
IMG_6768 Paradis Perdu
Cartier Alix W 2 Cartier
Cartier Alix W 1 Cartier
Cartier AlixW Cartier
5 DDessin Artfair
II DDessin Artfair
III DDessin Artfair
IV DDessin Artfair
I DDessin Artfair
Alix Waline mandarin_Low Mandarin Oriental Hotel
1Alix Mandarin 2 low Mandarin Oriental Hotel
Alix_Waline_gravitation_1 Ateliers Pinton
Alix_Waline_gravitation_4 Ateliers Pinton
Alix_Waline_gravitation_2 Ateliers Pinton
Alix_Waline_gravitation_3 Ateliers Pinton
70_Alix_Pinton_Elysee_2 Ateliers Pinton
Alix Waline_ThierryKauffmann pour ATELIER PINTON 2019 Ateliers Pinton
Pinton_Julien Magre_Low Ateliers Pinton
Capture d’écran 2019-09-24 à 11.40.38 Ateliers Pinton
RDC_Kinugawa_3 @ Mathieu Salvaing  Kinugawa Vendôme
RDC_Kinugawa_1 @ Mathieu Salvaing Kinugawa Vendôme
RDC_Kinugawa_4 @ Mathieu Salvaing  Kinugawa Vendôme
RDC_Kinugawa_2 @ Mathieu salvaing  - cropped Kinugawa Vendôme
2091A_DIP_18 04 09_St Honore-bis Diptyque Paris & Seoul
2102_DIP_18 04 09_St Honore-bis Diptyque Paris & Seoul
Alix_Pinton Diptyque Seoul_1 Diptyque Paris & Seoul
Alix_Pinton Diptyque Seoul_2 Diptyque Paris & Seoul
02 Moncler • Korea
04 - cropped Moncler • Korea
01 Moncler • Korea
4_Kinugawa_Matignon @ Claire Israel  Kinugawa Matignon
Chess Lobby Vue Ascenseur.@ Paul Bowyer jpg The Chess Hotel
A_W_Runnning up corner Running Up That Hill
01 @ Isabelle Rimbert - desat Running Up That Hill
02 @ Isabelle Rimbert Running Up That Hill
04 @ Isabelle Rimbert Running Up That Hill
A_W_Shelter 1 Shelter
A_W_Shelter 3 Shelter
A_W_Shelter 2 Shelter
Catalogue Descamps-automne-hiver-2016-21 - desat Descamps
Grégoire+de+Lafforest+-+Voltaire+-07cropped Aurore
Aurore Aurore
Stuttgart Stuttgart
IMG_1997 Hotel de Paris • Monaco
IMG_1996 Hotel de Paris • Monaco
SC_ANTIBES_7808_FA 1 Antibes
hyatt-paris-madeleine_152263170634 - cropped Editions
113606522 Editions
A_W_coussin 3 Editions
A_W_Paravent 1 Editions
paravent 1 - copie Editions
paravent 3 - copie Editions
MarieClaire 1 2 - copie 2 Alix Waline • Press
alix W_Elle deco 1_19 cropped Alix Waline • Press
L'Express Styles Oct12 Alix Waline • Press
Air France Madame Dec 12 - copie Alix Waline • Press
Elle Déco Oct12 Alix Waline • Press
untitled Alix Waline • Press
AUGUST-CASAVOGUE-BRAZIL_2013 Alix Waline • Press
#DEV# Alix Waline • Press
Catalogue Descamps-automne-hiver-2016-13 TK CRopped Alix Waline • Press
Portrait Alix Waline 3 @ Andrea Bresciani  Alix Waline • Press
00051 @ Andrea Bresciani Alix Waline • Press
00122_ALIX_WALINE @ Andrea Bresciani Alix Waline • Press
00370 @ Andrea Bresciani  Alix Waline • Press
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