Atelier LAPS


Xmas • Windows 

Paris 2016






Photo © Alex Profit

L'aile de Billy


Roche Bobois • catalog 2016




photo © Michel Gilbert

Below the Sea

Sculptures for  LABO

Concept store • Marseille




Photo © Patricia Giudicelli


Cantine • Gallery

Lyon • France


Private collection

Vague Illusion

Artists Residence

Nimes • 2015



Photo Fred Mortagne

Tea Time

Alice in Wonderland 


Laureate of the 12th competition of garden festival


Villa Lena 


Artists residence


Air Shark

Monumental Sculpture


Nice Airport • 2016


Photo © Daisy Reillet


Installation & Performance of a fabric selection


Textile Museum


Lightening Path

« Panoramic »

Design and installation of a lightening path

Office Lobby

Wood • Plexi • Copper

Arte Charpentier & JJ Masson Architects

Photo: Kit Thomas

4_Atelier LAPS_Hermes 1 - copie Hermès
5_Atelier LAPS_Hermes 2 - copie Hermès
6_AlexProfitHermesdecembre49 - copie Hermès
7_Atelier LAPS_Hermes 3 - copie Hermès
8_AlexProfitHermesdecembre55 - copie Hermès
9_AlexProfitHermesdecembre27 CROPPED Hermès
IMG_1404 - TK L'aile de Billy
aile OK LAPS2017-TK-30 L'aile de Billy
11_Atelier LAPS_RocheBobois - copie 2 L'aile de Billy
octopus3-1296x862 Below the Sea
_DSC8910-28 tk cropped - copie Below the Sea
Stamtish1 Stamtich
Stamtish2 Stamtich
Stamtish4 Stamtich
Stamtish3 Stamtich
0V3A1941 - copie.tif Crane
17_SOPHIE_INSTALLATION4 - copie Vague Illusion
19bis_SOPHIE_INSTALLATION7 Vague Illusion
19_SOPHIE_INSTALLATION5 - copie Vague Illusion
18_SOPHIE_INSTALLATION2 - copie Vague Illusion
20_IMG_6089 - copie Tea Time
21_teatimeIMG_3088 Tea Time
22_IMG_6120 - copie Tea Time
tea time4 - copie Tea Time
25_IMG_3117 - copie Unicorn
26_IMG_2888 - copie Unicorn
27_IMG_2894 - copie Unicorn
28_unicornP1110028 Unicorn
Shark-4-2-1296x864 tk Air Shark
Shark-12 Air Shark
34_Shark-2-1 - copieTK Air Shark
collection2 - copie Collection
collection1 - copie Collection
collection3 - copie Collection
collection4 - copie Collection
40_P1100147 - copie 2 Collection
41_IMG_1103 - copie 2 Collection
                                Lightening Path
chemin-lumineux_2 Lightening Path
           Lightening Path
           Lightening Path
Artists Representatives